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I am Sameh , i will be your host in this virtual land ,Don't sway away from me

I Code for the fun of it :)

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this is app has every things you need about fortnite , Emotes,Item Shop,Leaked Items,Skins,VBuck prices and much more... this is the summary the main features this app provide : * emotes and dances videos.all in one place , with search capability by name or rarity. *You like the emotes ? then set at as ringtone for your device. *Dont miss the daily shop.. *Download lobby Music Packs ! * To not miss the daily Shop and its Emotes and skins the app will remind you when the shop is updated. *see the new leaked content such as skins,emotes,gliders,pickaxes and backpacks before all others. *Review Your Stats or your friend's Stats.( kills,wins,k/d...etc). *Get Full HD loading screens wallpapers.

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Rate Your Friends

We got a lot of opinions about us from others on different social media,But its usually non of a help , Because what's really matters in the end is the opinions of your friends , this app is a fun app which will help you to connect with your friends in a fun way you will get to rate your friends main characteristic Beauty/Handsomeness , Shape and sexiness , wits and smartness, Charisma and style out of 5 stars , and get the final overview rating to share with friends you can complete your opinion on your friend by describing them with a tag that describe their personality , you will have a three type of tags , negative , positive and neutral. try to get the best tags from friends :D

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